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Food deserts: How Austin is Tackling the Problem

Matthew Landry

Schools throughout Central Texas have started gardening programs in an effort to raise awareness of healthy eating and address a lack of food access. University of Texas Associate Professor of Nutritional Science Jaimie Davis wants to know how effective those gardening education programs are in improving the actual health of the children involved. She is conducting a $3.5 million 3-year study at 16 Austin-area elementary schools called Texas Sprouts. Read More

Written By: Leslie Rhode/KXAN Special Contributor

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Jaimie Davis: Growing Better Health

Matthew Landry

Jaimie Davis sees a world of opportunity when she sees a tiny green plant.  Through her experience, she knows that one plant can spark just enough curiosity in a child to change that child’s eating habits and ultimately prevent disease.  The University of Texas Associate Professor of Nutritional Science coordinates the TX Sprouts research project happening now at several Central Texas schools.  Davis’ team of nutrition educators teach eighteen lessons throughout the school year about healthy food and help the elementary students tend to the gardens. Read More

Written By: Leslie Rhode

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